Gone are the days of low-hanging SEO fruits. Now more than ever, search performance hinges on creating a best-in-class web experience that attracts, engages and delights your customers. Our SEO Strategists leverage Social Advertiser wealth of technical, UX, content and local expertise to help our clients maximize search visibility and revenue.

Our approach to SEO focuses heavily on the creation and nurturing of your website’s authority. We achieve this by helping your team harness and deploy your own expertise to the benefit of your customers and audience. SEO is not about shortcuts, and it’s not something you achieve in a silo. Organic search performance lives or dies by our ability to bring together content strategy, UX, and engineering to deliver fantastic digital experiences—to truly earn our position at the top of search results.

Technical SEO Audit

Our Technical SEO Audit begins with a site crawl, followed by a thorough analysis. Strategists analyse a host of technical areas, looking for everything from quick wins (did you no index important pages of on your site?) to more complex challenges (confusing site navigation, duplicate content issues, etc.) Our team catalogues all issues and prioritizes by level of effort and business value, so you can get to work on what’s actually hurting your bottom line.

Ongoing SEO Optimization

Our search optimization engagements are focused on two things: 1) continuous SEO maintenance and analysis and 2) targeted optimizations prioritized by business impact. Our goal is to be your most trusted partner—to arm you with valuable insights in the ever-changing search landscape and to develop and executive an SEO strategy that is grounded in–not siloed away from—your core business objectives.

Site Migrations

Anyone who’s gone through a site migration knows the potential devastating implications for search visibility. Whether you’re re-platforming or consolidating dozens of sites, we’ll will work with you from initial discovery to planning and execution. Our search strategists will shepherd you through the minefield to ensure you maintain all the authority and goodwill you’ve worked so hard to build.

Local SEO

Our local analysts have years of experience helping SMBs and enterprise organizations navigate the ever-evolving world of local search. We’ll help you make sense of the maze of listings, platforms, tools, features and algorithms to help you attract and convert customers.