Social Media Marketing Management

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Social Media Marketing management Services help drive traffic

Team up with a Social Media Marketing Company to Trigger the Right Response from Customers

You can’t get customers running after your product simply by enchanting them. Social media marketing, you need the right mix of social media planning and strategies that will help you acquire leads in an accurate and precise way. Social Advertiser is a premium social media Management agency embroiled with the optimum zeal to augment your brand awareness and visibility.

Our Social Media Marketing Company works along the following activities:

DISCOVERY :- We learn about our customer’s business and their current social media platforms to learn about their working and competitors inside out and leverage this information throughout the later stages of the project.

STRATEGY :– Project Brief: Client’s information and future business objectives are categorically defined here, along with all the necessary information required to come up with the related documentation for all the social media marketing strategies that we devise.

Competitive Analysis: A thorough report is generated after a detailed analysis of the competitors. It covers the networks on which your competitors are active, as it helps us brainstorm the keywords for the specific industry.

ANALYSIS AND REPORT OPTIMIZATION :- Audience Research: The scope of your audience is identified through 3 key factors, namely keywords, interests and influencers.

Social Audit: Analytics data and Social media monitoring are the foundations on which we create the baseline. Through this audit, a campaign gets a green signal.

CAMPAIGN EXECUTION MARKETING :- Once we go through the first 3 steps, we execute in an extensive manner, and only then is your campaign ready to be executed. The company is monitored throughout, as a tiny lapse in concentration can be lethal. We make certain that this kind of a blunder doesn’t happen.