Analytics Campaign Management

Performance optimization

AI-powered optimization improves performance by maximizing conversions no matter your budget. Sophisticated bidding models, helps you to get more precise campaign predictions across all your key metrics.

Higher returns at the right price.

Your campaign success depends on bidding on the best keywords at the lowest price.

But having to manually adjust your search terms to stay on target leaves you little time for anything else—like developing your strategy.

Use artificial intelligence to customize and automate bidding so you can refine your campaigns without sacrificing your time and energy.

Simply enter your campaign’s goal and we’ll automatically optimize for your most important conversion events across all your bid units.

What makes it work

Goal setting
Create campaign objectives around your desired conversions. Next, tailor success metrics to accurately reflect the value of customer activity. For example, selecting “Add to cart” should carry more weight than selecting “See product details.”

Intelligent optimization
Make your campaigns thrive with optimization. Pull in conversion and engagement data such as page views, visits, time spent on site and more.

Multi-dimensional bidding
Stretch your budget and get the highest ROI and bid based on device, time of day, location and audience. Evaluate your campaign’s performance and automatically adjusts bids based on changes in the marketplace.