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Image ads

Images ads with less than 20% text perform better. That’s why Image ads that run on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network are subject to a review process that looks at the amount of image text used in your image ads, because we consider ads with too much text in the ad’s image or video thumbnail to be low quality.

What is image ads text?

Image ads text is any text that exists on your ad image or creative. It doesn’t include text outside of your image, such as the body text of your ad.

Use Facebook tool to check the amount of text in your images

How we review different ad formats

  • Single image ads – We review the image used in the ad to see if it complies with our image text guidelines.
  • Carousel ads – We review each image within the ad to see if they all comply with our image text guidelines. Bear in mind that even if one image in the carousel has too much text, it’ll affect your entire ad.
  • Video ads – We review the thumbnail to make sure that it complies with our text guidelines.

Tips for avoiding too much text in your ad images

  • Check your images before you try running your ad.
  • If you need to include text in your image, try using fewer words and/or reducing the font size of your text. Bear in mind that if your text is too small, it may be difficult to read.
  • Make sure that most of the text that you use is in the body text instead of directly in the ad’s image.
  • Avoid spreading text all over the image.

Carousel ads

About the carousel format

The carousel format lets you show two or more images and/or videos, headlines and links or calls to action in a single ad. Anyone who sees your ad can then scroll through the carousel cards by swiping on mobile phones or tablets or clicking the arrows on a computer screen.

The carousel format can support a variety of businesses and needs. Advertisers have used it to showcase property, service offerings, events and more.

You can use carousel ads to:

  • Feature multiple products that link to different landing pages. Give customers more options and help raise your click-through rate.
  • Highlight multiple features of a single product. Show different product angles or details to better inform customers.
  • Tell a story. Use images and/or videos in succession to illustrate a compelling narrative.
  • Explain a process. Walk people through how your business works, step by step.
  • Create a larger canvas.  Using all your frames for an immersive ad experience.

Sell the benefits. If you don’t sell physical goods, use images and/or videos that show the benefits or results of becoming a customer.

Collection Ads

The collection format includes an Instant Experience and makes it easier for people to discover, browse and purchase products and services from their phone in a visual and immersive way.

Your ad in feed will feature four products under a hero image or video that opens into a full-screen Instant Experience when someone interacts with your ad.


  • Drive product discovery on mobile: Pair video or imagery with relevant products to engage people.
  • Deliver a seamless browsing experience on mobile: People who tap on your ad can browse more products or learn more about your product in a full-screen experience, all on the Facebook app.
  • Convert demand into sales: Get interested customers to continue to purchase on your website or app.
  • Ideal for retail and travel: If you’re a retail, e-commerce, flight or hotel advertiser, you can use collection to show a video or image alongside your brand, product or service.

Instant Experience

Instant Experience is a full-screen experience that opens after someone clicks your ad on a mobile device. Create an Instant Experience to visually highlight your brand or products and services.

Use Instant Experience to:

  • Grab attention and get the full effect of high-quality content. Instant Experience loads instantly, expands to full-screen and works with most formats, including single image, video, carousel, slideshow and collection.
  • Tell a story about your brand. Create a custom Instant Experience or choose from multiple templates. You can also mark clear paths through your experience with descriptive text, buttons and links.
  • Embed Facebook and third-party pixels.

Once you create an Instant Experience, anyone can open it. Within the experience, people can watch videos, swipe through photos in a carousel, fill in forms and explore images with tagged products. You can also link two or more Instant Experiences, so your audience discovers more content.