Email Marketing

Holiday Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

holiday season email marketing

Email, of course, will be key in driving much of the online sales during the holiday period.

Be relevant

Avoid the noise during this peak email season by standing out. Provide something of value, use a compelling subject line, and keep it brief.

Ensure your lists are clean

One of the worst things you can do during the holidays is sending emails based on bad data. This is going to cause reputation issues and land your messages into the abyss known as the spam/junk folder.

Send at the right time of day

The time of day always varies by sender and audience makeup. Be conscious of what time of day is best for your audience, and hit them at that time. Factor in that users are likely enjoying their families during key times also, and be respectful of that.

Are your emails viewable on mobile?

Mobile usage is huge, and if you aren’t designing your content to be mobile-ready, you are missing a big opportunity to engage with your audience.