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Facebook Ads format ,Dynamic Facebook Ads

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Video & slideshow Facebook Ads

Video ads allow you to show off your product, service or brand using a video. You can create ads in Ads Manager or boost a post from a Facebook Page that includes a video. Ads appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

You can use video ads to:

  • Show off your product, service or brand in different places on or off Facebook. You can deliver video ads to places such as Facebook feed, Instagram Stories or Messenger Inbox. Video ads support multiple aspect ratios depending on the placement. You can also show off different pieces of creative when you use the asset customisation feature in Ads Manager.
  • Capture attention quickly. Create videos that are 15 seconds or less to captivate your audience and tell a brand or business story.
  • Deliver a single message. Convey a clear, simple message that makes people take action after viewing your ad, such as buying a specific product or visiting a website.

For example, you can drive people to your website to learn more about an upcoming product that you are launching. You can show off the product in motion in the ad or include testimonials from people using the product.

Facebook Catalogues Ads

A Facebook catalogue is a container that holds information about your inventory, such as images, prices, descriptions and more. You can create catalogues for products, hotels, flights, destinations, home listings and vehicles. After you create a catalogue and add your inventory, you can create ads and connect to shopping channels on Facebook and Instagram to show people items from your catalogue. For example, you can:

  • Create dynamic ads: Dynamic ads pull items from your catalogue and show them to people who’ve already looked at or searched for them online. Dynamic ads match items from your catalogue with signals from a Facebook pixel, a piece of code installed on your website.
  • Tag products on Instagram: If you connect your catalogue to an Instagram business account, you can tag products from your catalogue in Instagram posts and stories with shopping on Instagram. People can tap on your tagged products to see prices and descriptions, or shop straight from their feed.
  • Display products in a Facebook Page shop: When you add a shop to your Page, we automatically create a catalogue for you to hold information about your products for sale. If you already have a catalogue, you can create a shop directly from your catalogue. You can also tag products from your shop in posts so that people can tap on them to shop.

Create collection ads: Collection ads show a collection of four items from your catalogue under a hero image or video. People can tap on your items to learn more or browse similar items.


Stories is an immersive creative format that enables people on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to view and share everyday moments through photos and videos that disappear (unless saved) within 24 hours. WhatsApp has a similar feature called WhatsApp Status. Stories can be enhanced with playful creative tools such as stickers, emojis and GIFs, as well as built-in camera effects like Boomerang and Hyper lapse. You can also use augmented reality effects. One billion Stories are shared across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp every day around the world.

Stories ads are full screen image, video or carousel ads that appear between Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Unlike organic Stories, Stories ads do not disappear after 24 hours. You can use Ads Manager, the API or Instagram Promote/Facebook Boost Post to run Stories ads. In Ads Manager, either choose Automatic Placements or select the Stories placements manually using Edit Placements.

Stories ads have been shown to inspire a range of awareness, consideration and conversion actions.

Creating Stories and Stories ads is a great way for businesses to engage people:

  • More than half the people on Instagram globally use Stories as well as Feed daily.
  • More than half of people surveyed who use Stories said they are making more online purchases as a result.
  • Some 68% of people surveyed said they use Stories on three or more apps at least once a week.