Campaign Management

Advanced Campaign Management

Advanced Campaign Management

Simplify the creation and update of search-campaign structures with intuitive workflows and tools for automatic creation, dynamic editing, and campaign reporting that work across engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

Search campaigns made simple.

Creating a search advertising campaign is time consuming. Each hour spent adding keywords, testing ad copy and combing millions of search queries, takes away from planning and strategy — which is where your insights and experience are most useful.
Advanced campaign management tools take many of these tasks off your plate by automatically creating campaigns, building new campaign structures, and dynamically selecting and adjusting ad copy. You can quickly change and add products, as well as make price changes to the existing structure. Simplified supply management — updating stock status, deleting missing items, pausing ads for out-of-stock products, and reactivating ads when products are restocked — keeps your ads up to date.

See what makes it work.

Flexible scheduling

Preview and schedule campaign changes in bulk rather than one by one.

Dynamic toolbar

Instantly access saved views to see your campaign dashboard just as you left it. Easily save preferences such as filters and columns to work more efficiently.

Faster editing

Copy and paste data directly between your dashboard and master spreadsheet so you can make changes on the fly—no more wasting time logging in and out of an external campaign manager.

Automatic campaign updates

Pivot effortlessly as your campaign changes—automatically create new ad or product groups, pause ads when items go out of stock, and reactivate them when their back on the shelves.