Social Media Marketing Management

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Social Media Marketing management Services help drive traffic Team up with a Social Media Marketing Company to Trigger the Right Response from Customers You can’t get customers running after your product simply by enchanting them. Social media marketing, you need the right mix of social media planning and strategies that will help you acquire leads …

Email Marketing

Workflows Email Marketing – Marketing Automation

Workflows Email Marketing – Turn leads into customers How you respond to leads can make a big difference in revenue. In fact, research shows that nurtured leads make 47 percent larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Targeting specific actions and audiences can help you track warm leads all the way to purchase. Follow hot leads with fast …


Advertise on LinkedIn

Advertise on LinkedIn Reach your ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network An audience that means business With LinkedIn, you’re targeting a quality audience in a professional context. Market to influencers, decision makers, and executives who act on new opportunities. Combine targeting criteria to build your ideal persona: IT decision makers, C-level executives, prospective …

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Digital Marketing and Demand Generation

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Digital Marketing consist of Drive awareness, nurture relationships, increase conversions, and accelerate business results. Companies can no longer just meet customer expectations—they must exceed them! We help brands implement digital marketing strategies that are geared to optimize, communicate and advocate. Our strategies help brands, expand their current reach and reach new audiences. We also help …

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Facebook Ads format ,Dynamic Facebook Ads

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Video & slideshow Facebook Ads Video ads allow you to show off your product, service or brand using a video. You can create ads in Ads Manager or boost a post from a Facebook Page that includes a video. Ads appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. You can use video ads to: Show …

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Image Ads Facebook AD Formats

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Image ads Images ads with less than 20% text perform better. That’s why Image ads that run on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network are subject to a review process that looks at the amount of image text used in your image ads, because we consider ads with too much text in the ad’s image or …


Conversions ads – Get help with your Facebook Ads-3

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About the Conversions Ads objective The Conversions Ads objective is designed to drive valuable actions on your website or app. With Conversions Ads as your objective, you can create ads that: Increase conversions on your website (Website Conversions) Increase conversions in your app (App Engagement) Note: The Conversions ads objective requires the Facebook pixel for websites or App …


Get help with your Facebook ads-2

Increase brand consideration Facebook offers many advertising objectives to help you reach your business goals. Your ad objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads. Consideration objectives get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it. What’s the Traffic objective? The Traffic objective is …


Get help with your Facebook ads

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Add Objectives About the Brand Awareness objective The Brand Awareness objective is for advertisers who want to show ads to people who are more likely to recall them. The brand awareness objective gives you the estimated ad recall lift (people) metric, which shows how many people we estimate would remember your ad if we asked …

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Facebook for Business : Marketing on Facebook

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Best practices for posting on your Page Post frequently: New and frequent posts tell your fans and followers that you’re active, legitimate and care about them as customers. Old or expired posts could imply that your business is closed or isn’t invested in its customers. Use post scheduling to create posts in advance so your Page …

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Event Marketing Gets Smart

Machine learning is helping brands promote, support, and execute events with greater ease and confidence. It’s no secret that event marketers — especially those at SaaS companies, media agencies, and high-touch B2C companies — are plagued by a host of challenges that other marketers don’t have to deal with. Pre-event website traffic is notoriously unpredictable leading up …

Analytics Campaign Management

Performance optimization

AI-powered optimization improves performance by maximizing conversions no matter your budget. Sophisticated bidding models, helps you to get more precise campaign predictions across all your key metrics. Higher returns at the right price. Your campaign success depends on bidding on the best keywords at the lowest price. But having to manually adjust your search terms …


Advanced Search Reporting

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Pinpoint the insights you need to tailor campaigns to your audience and increase conversions. See how customers engage with your ads across channels to get the full picture of their buying journey. Your campaign. Your process. Made easier. Setting up search campaigns can be time consuming. You need a tool that makes this easier. One …

Email Marketing

Holiday Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

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Email, of course, will be key in driving much of the online sales during the holiday period. Be relevant Avoid the noise during this peak email season by standing out. Provide something of value, use a compelling subject line, and keep it brief. Ensure your lists are clean One of the worst things you can …


Social Media Strategy the Power of AI, AR, and VR

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How to create a social media strategy It’s interesting to note that a social media strategy and a social media marketing plan have a lot of crossovers. You can think of it this way: A strategy is where you’re headed. A plan is how you’ll get there. Imagine searching for a luxury home in another country. …

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Personalization Expertise Artificial intelligence

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With manual processes and limited resources, you might think it’s impossible to create Personalization, one-to-one interactions for thousands or even millions of customers. Yet top brands are proving what’s possible with personalization. They count on Artificial intelligence and machine learning , analytics around customer preferences and behaviors, and the ability to reach customers across every …

Campaign Management

Campaign Execution Coustmer Joureny

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Benefits Email Marketing ( Good cross channel campaigns are built on email. ) Customer Joureny (We know your customer’s journey matters. See the whole picture of that journey to know your customers and how they get to you. ) Omnichannel Marketing ( Customers matter more than channels. So build cross-channel campaigns that talk to your customers …

Campaign Management

Advanced Campaign Management

Advanced Campaign Management Simplify the creation and update of search-campaign structures with intuitive workflows and tools for automatic creation, dynamic editing, and campaign reporting that work across engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. Search campaigns made simple. Creating a search advertising campaign is time consuming. Each hour spent adding keywords, testing ad copy and …